Creating a Recognition Program: Part 3


Creating a Recognition Program: Part 2


Creating a Recognition Program: Part 1


Product Spotlight: Desk Accessories

Our final product spotlight is featuring a screen cleaner, which everyone can use in the office for their computer, phone, tablet, or other devices that you don’t want dust and fingerprints all over. Secondly, the USB plug in fan, one more place to plug in a charger as well as a way to stay cool through the hot month of August. Contact TR Miller today to find out about these awesome products!desk3

The Positives of Recognition Programs


Product Spotlight: Desk Accessories

desk2Today’s Product Spotlight is featuring two more super convenient desk accessories. The security stamp makes it quick and easy to get stamping paperwork done and the Jotter Pad allows for a quickly accessible notepad as well as six different colored sticky flags for easily marking sections of papers. Both of these accessories are cute, customizable, and convenient to keep on your desk!

TR Miller, Gosling’s, and America’s Cup


Product Spotlight: Desk Accessories

This week’s Product Spotlight will be all kinds of accessories to decorate your desk! Our first two products are a Solar Powered Dancing Flower and a Stylus Pen Stand with a Screen Cleaner.

desk1The Solar Powered Dancing Flower comes in a vibrant colored pot and runs on natural light, allowing it to dance and add excitement to your desk all day! The Stylus Pen Stand stands flat on your desk and comes with a ballpoint pen that doubles as a stylus. Both of these awesome decorations are available from TR Miller today!

Product Spotlight: Speakers

Our final two products for the week are two sound amplifiers. These  silicone speakers are perfect for the pool or beach because they do not get ruined if they get wet. The shape is what amplifies the sound coming from your phone, making them super versatile! Contact TR Miller today to get yours!


Product Spotlight: Speakers

These speakers, although larger, are still a great size and easy to carry and move around with you. Both can be imprinted with multiple colors and customized how you want them from TR Miller. The Toucan Wireless Bluetooth speaker offers full color digital printing, leaving you with endless customization options!