Product Spotlight: Speakers

speakers4Here are today’s featured products! The Square Bluetooth Speaker, seen in the bottom right corner, comes equipped with a charging cable and carrying case and can be imprinted with up to 4 colors! In addition, we have the Bluetooth Brick Speaker that includes a rechargeable battery and can be connected to your mobile device from up to 30 feet away. These high-tech products are available from TR Miller customized as low as $19.99 today!

Product Spotlight: Speakers

speakers3Today, we are featuring three Bluetooth speakers that are easy to connect to your mobile devices so you can play music wherever you are! Each of these can be imprinted with your company’s logo in up to four different colors. Contact TR Miller today if you are interested in any of these products!

Product Spotlight: Speakers

speakers21This week, we’re featuring several different wireless speakers. All of these products are available from TR Miller today and ready to be customized with your logo! The Amplifying Speaker is extremely easy to use, all you have to do is place your phone on top and your music will be amplified! Both the Nano Speaker and the Wireless Bluetooth Speaker will pair with your phone from up to 30 feet away and play your music for up to 2 hours. All of these products are perfect for every day use and are all very easy to carry around with you.

Product Spotlight: Power Banks and Car Chargers


Today, we have four different types of car chargers, all easily customizable from TR Miller at an affordable price! The two in the top row feature two USB ports so you can easily charge multiple devices. The bottom left allows your logo to light up in red, white, or blue, and the bottom right has and LED power indicator so that you know when your phone is done charging.

Product Spotlight: Power Banks and Car Chargers


Today’s products are 3 different types of portable chargers, all customizable and available to you in different colors, quantities, and prices! All of these chargers include USB ports which will allow you to plug in chargers for both iPhones and Android phones. Contact someone at TR Miller to get your order placed today!

Product Spotlight: Power Banks and Car Chargers

Each week, we will be featuring a different product type on our blog, with different products each day. This week, we will focus on Power Banks and Car Chargers.

First is a portable charger that includes a key ring, so you can put it on your keychain and have it with you all the time and not have to worry about losing it! Our other product today is the swivel car charger, which has a very small design, so it takes up hardly any room! Both products are now available from TR Miller Co!


Targeting Your Target Audience


What is Promotional Marketing?

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“Promotion marketing is any message that includes an incentive to persuade the target audience to take immediate action, thereby driving some form of brand interaction that leads to a current or future purchase.” (

In other words, promotional marketing is sending a message to your target audience through some sort of product that is going to make them remember and want to use your company for things they may need. Promotional marketing is used by all different types of establishments—from non-profits, to schools, to contractors—to get the message out to the public that they exist and want to help in any way that they can.

So why use promotional marketing for your company? The main reason is the extremely low cost. On average, promotional marketing costs 0.6¢ per impression, which is 4 times less than the average cost for an ad on prime time television, according to a study done by ASI. Another reason that promotional marketing is so popular is the number of impressions your company can make with such a low cost. According to the same ASI study, in the United States, bags alone make over 5,700 impressions. Hats make over 3,000 and t-shirts, which make 2,450 impressions, make the fewest. So, if your company hosted an event and gave out a goodie-bag with a hat and a t-shirt in it, that’s over 11,000 impressions for an extremely low cost to you.

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Life is Good

Life is Good will now allow c0-branding on slected products from their line of offerings. Great way to support your brand and the brand of Optimisim.

Life is good.® partners with TR Miller

Together we plan to spread the message of Optimism to other companies and employees across America. We are most excited to have this partnership in our effort to have a positive influence on the world.

Life is good.